PSA Meals


PSA has had a long history of great partners, both groups and individuals, that have helped provide meals for our students. This is a key part of the ministry being done down at PSA. We are thankful for all the wonderful support that we have received over the years. As we look forward to the 2019-2020 school year, we are in the process of planning our meal calendar for Sunday nights. If you, your group, or your church are interested in providing a meal and getting some time to fellowship with the best students in the world then please contact Michael ( and he will be happy to slot you into a date for the year!

Connector Families

Are you a member of Fort Hill who is looking to have a deeper connection to the college students? Well you are in luck, because PSA has had a long history of connecting students with willing and able congregation members through our connector family program. This is a program that helps to connect college students, some of whom have just left home for the first time, to church members. The goal of this program is for the members of Fort Hill to get to know a student or multiple students better. It can allow for them to provide a home away from home for our college students. If you are interested in this program or just want more information then feel free to contact Michael ( or Emily (

Crucial Calling Endowment

Over the years, PSA has been funded through the generous giving of churches alongside the support of the Foothills Presbytery and Fort Hill Presbyterian Church. However, with financial changes coming, our funding model has changed. Over the past several months Fort Hill has been taking part in a capital campaign to address this “Crucial Calling”. We are so excited to announce that we have raised nearly 1.3 millions dollars in order to support and sustain campus ministry at Clemson for the years to come. The bulk of the campaign may be over, but that does not mean you or your church can’t continue to support the ministry and mission of PSA. We are gladly and humbly accepting donations whether it’s directly to the ministry of PSA or to the endowment. If you have questions about how you can support PSA financially, please e-mail Michael (